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We started the TEKFLOOR journey in 2013, simply because we felt that UK screeding industry was being poorly served by existing distributors. Screeding products are often a small part of a  large distributor’s business and as such, screeders can often end up with rubbish service.


So, we formulated our plan – to create a business that serviced all of a screeders’ needs, paying close attention to:

|  great customer service  |

|  short lead times  |

|  expert technical advice  |

|  a full range of floor screeding products  |


Simply put – we planned to offer everything a screeder could ever need, and more! And the result? Well, you’re reading it. TEKFLOOR Limited was born.


Run by its two owner directors – Steve Foster (Commercial) and Adam Wiszniewski (Finance), TEKFLOOR is very much a family affair with Steve’s brother, Dave, in charge of Operations and Adam’s wife, Myriam, heading up of HR and Safety.


TEKFLOOR has it's own fleet of transportWe have our own fleet of transport and all of our vehicles have moffetts for unloading. You may have spotted our vehicles going up and down the motorway! We also have some urban vehicles that are ideal for city centre locations. This means that your products are delivered to site using the vehicle that’s right for you.


We also decided that rather than closing our doors at 5.30pm – which is no good if you really need something urgently for the next day – we offer extended opening hours at both of our depots for your convenience.


screeding products warehouse

Since we were born out of the frustration of other distributors – we try to build upon their errors, so all members of the team work in a shift pattern. Our transport leaves early, so someone is usually available should there be a problem or should you need something desperately, and there’s always someone around until early evening.



Our head office is in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, quite close to the M1 and we also have a distribution centre in Huntingdon – close to the big smoke.

That’s about it, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know about us – please, get in touch.

We’re a friendly bunch and are happy to answer any questions you might have.